How To Read WhatsApp Messages Without Opening Or Notifiy

How To Read WhatsApp Messages Without Opening Or Notifiy
How To Read WhatsApp Messages Without Opening Or Notifiy 

How to read WhatsApp messages without someone's phone) A look at someone's WhatsApp can tell you a lot. If you are a parent, you can check if your children are safe. Also see if they are being bullied or if they have come in contact with the wrong kind of people. If you are a business owner who thinks your employees are selling company secrets, you can monitor their WhatsApp until they are caught red-handed. Do you have relationship problems? You can track your activity on WhatsApp so that your partner is cheating on you. Of course, tracking someone's WhatsApp is much easier than that. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. If your target knows they are being monitored, they will not misbehave.

 Or they may find a way to shake you. You need a way to remotely monitor their WhatsApp so that they are not suspicious. In this mini guide, we show you how to read WhatsApp messages in 10 minutes without contacting anyone. Sometimes you want to read a message without opening a contact chat. Although you can always read all the messages in the notification panel, 

there is another way to check messages without opening the app. Keep reading to learn more about this method. WhatsApp on mobile: How to read a message without opening a chat. Step 1: Long press on the home screen and a menu will open on the screen of your smartphone. Step 2: Just click on the widget. There you will see several shortcuts. You need to find the WhatsApp shortcut. Photo (Image Credit: Ankita Garg / Express Images) Step 3: You will find many WhatsApp tools. You need to click on the "4 x 1 WhatsApp" widget. Step 4: Touch and hold this widget, then drop it on one of your home screens. 

 After adding it to your screen, press and hold to enlarge the widget. Now you can read messages without opening WhatsApp chat. You will also be able to read all your old (unread) messages. Note that if you click on a chat (widget), WhatsApp will open that chat and the sender will know that you have read the messages. 

 Note: We tested this on the OnePlus phone. Widgets are available on all smartphones and that's the process. Users will have to dig a little deeper to find this option. Samsung users will first have to tap on the WhatsApp widget and then swipe right. Then tap the second slide you are looking at. Now you have to click on the add button. The widget will then appear on the screen. WhatsApp Web: How to read messages without opening a chat. People who want to read WhatsApp web messages without opening a chat can do so easily. Once you receive a message on the WhatsApp web, you need to place your cursor on the chat. 

 After that, users will see a floating message. That way you don't have to open the conversation to see the latest messages on the web version. It is important to note that you can only read recent messages, not old ones. By: Salman Bhutto If you are looking for a way to read a WhatsApp message without telling the sender whether you have read the message or not, you will find four different ways to read a WhatsApp message without opening or notifying the sender. I Read WhatsApp messages without opening or notifying the sender. As you may have noticed, whenever WhatsApp messages are opened, a blue tick appears next to the message, indicating that the recipient has seen or read the message.

 I This setting is useful in most cases, as it allows senders to verify that their messages have been read. However,

 sometimes you may have your own reasons why you do not want to tell a specific person that you have read their message. In such cases, you can actually read the WhatsApp messages without opening or notifying the sender. Turn on airplane mode and read the message. Disable reading receipt and read the message. Use "Ignore Application" Use "Blue Tick, last seen Haider app" 1. Turn on airplane mode and read the message. One way to read WhatsApp messages without opening the app and sending a read receipt is to put your phone in airplane mode and then read the messages. 

 1. Once you receive the WhatsApp message, open the phone's settings and turn on airplane mode. 2. After activating the airplane mode, open the WhatsApp on your phone and you will be able to read the WhatsApp message without making that blue tick. 3. After reading the message, turn off the WhatsApp when the airplane mode is on. 4. After closing the WhatsApp, you can disable the airplane mode in your phone. However, make sure you don't open the WhatsApp on your phone unless you're really ready to reply to a message. When you open the WhatsApp, you will see two blue dots with this message that you just read offline. While this method is really easy.

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